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Don't Use the Internet to Diagnose Dental Problems on Your Own

Posted on 4/10/2016 by Boeckel
A man looking up his dental condition on the internet using a laptop.The Internet is a great way to learn more information about health and wellness. Unfortunately, many people use it as a diagnostic tool, searching for symptoms and conditions in order to explain what is going on in their mouths. Don't let a search engine result serve as your dental diagnosis - you need to actually visit the dentist!

Self-Diagnosis Can Be Dangerous

Diagnosing yourself based on information that you read online can be ineffective, hazardous, or even dangerous. Diagnosing dental health conditions is a complicated science, especially since certain symptoms can be shared by a variety of dental problems, including damaged fillings, gum disease, bruxism, or tooth fractures. Only your dentist will be able to tell you exactly what oral problem you're experiencing, and this can't be done until you've had an exam.

With the idea of self-diagnosing has come a condition known as "cyberchondria." Cyberchondria is the unfounded escalation of concerns about symptoms after reviewing search results online. Simply put, it is the (incorrect) belief that you suffer from a disease that you found out about online.

When you have this issue, you will unnecessarily worry about symptoms that are more than likely signs of a relatively common illness, causing you to become fearful and worried for absolutely no legitimate reason. Instead of worrying incessantly, you should avoid trying to diagnose your problem altogether.

Visit Your Dentist

When you try and diagnose your dental problem on your own, there is a high probability that you'll misdiagnose yourself and end up trying to treat yourself with an ineffective home remedy.

Instead, contact your doctor to seek out treatment from a qualified professional. The internet should never be your first option for looking for dental care, and instead, use it to learn more information about your dental condition after you've been properly examined and diagnosed by your dentist.

So please contact our dental office for an examination of your condition today!

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