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A Poor Diet Can Lead to Bleeding Gums

Posted on 3/15/2018 by Boeckel
Gum Bleeding Lisa Gitelson, DMD OR 97224-3790People experience bleeding gums, and then they rush to the nearest dentist or pharmacy to get painkillers or other supplements that claim to lessen the bleeding.

While it is normal for people to think that there are complications from bleeding gums, the solution and also the best possible way to prevent the bleeding is to actually have a good diet.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing bleeding gums for more than a week consistently, it is imperative that you go to the dentist. On the other hand, a simple change of diet will be able to stop the bleeding and improve your dental health.

Causes and Treatments of Gum Bleeding

Bleeding gums can be a sign of gingivitis, which is in its early stages, quite painless and easy to ignore. However, gingivitis can lead to gum diseases, which is not only painful, but also takes time for that disease to be cured. On the other hand, bleeding gums can actually be a symptom of a deficiency in vitamins, especially for Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

This is very true if you are having a diet that does not have enough variety, which can lead to scurvy. Having fruits and vegetables, even if there are only one or two slices in each meal, should be enough to give you the vitamins that you need for your gums to stop bleeding.

Also, if you are taking medicine due to high cholesterol, the ability of the body to break down the vitamins is lessened and it is recommended that you double the fruit or vegetable serving.

There are other factors and causes of bleeding gums. Smoking is definitely an activity that makes your gums and your teeth weaker, and brushing too hard can also be another cause. If the bleeding actually is painful, there is no need to wait for a week before you consult with identities.

If the bleeding is painless, try to improve your diet first. If you have any other questions or concerns about your dental health, visit our clinic and let us help.

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